If you are:

  • A person aimed at constant development,
  • A person who wants to gain experience and learn from professionals,
  • A person who performs your duties being enthusiastic and engaged,
  • A person who shares your knowledge with others.


We offer:

  • Work for a company inspiring constant professional development,
  • Gaining experience in an international environment,
  • Fulfilment of tasks based on modern technologies in  cooperation with a team of specialists,
  • Participation in interesting projects,
  • Attractive remuneration,
  • Foreign language training at working hours,
  • Co-financing of higher and post-graduate studies for the faculties connected with the work performed for the Company,
  • Participation in branch trainings and conferences,
  • Participation in trainings held by AXTONE Qualification Academy.

We concentrate on people as they form the company and they allow for its dynamic functioning. We are constantly expanding as a result of their talents, creativity and innovative solutions. We help Employees to discover their potential, cross limits and gain success. We support their development and gaining new experiences as well as mastering their skills. Especially for them, we created AXTONE Skills’ Academy, training co-financed by European Union. Success of our employees is connected with the success of the entire company.

Opinion of our employees is the most precious source of information with regard to the items that need improvement. That is why we survey the satisfaction of our Employees by questionnaires. Our Employees appreciated atmosphere at work, relations with co-workers, ability to gain new experiences and skills and mostly, we found out that working for Axtone gives satisfaction to Our Employees.

We emphasise open communication regarding events in company, business results as well as we are all happy with company’s success. We are not anonymous to each other, we cooperate in teams and we maintain close relations during Christmas and Easter meetings as well as summer picnics.

The process of recruitment at AXTONE Sp. z o.o. commences with the moment of submitting your application and it consists of the following stages:

Stage 1 - HR Department analyse the application regarding the present process as well as any future recruitments.

Stage 2 – A recruitment meeting with a HR specialist and a manager with regard to the business area on which the recruitment process is being held. At this stage, your knowledge, competences and command of foreign languages are tested, regarding the adjustment to a given position. Additionally, we want to ensure whether the offered position meets your expectations.

Stage 3 - In case of managerial and highly specialist positions, after the first recruitment meeting, if we acknowledge that your knowledge, competences and expectations are concurrent with the offered position, you will be invited to the meeting with the Member of the Board supervising a given Department.

Stage 4 - At this moment, when you successfully complete all stages, we will offer you employment at Our Company and you will join our team.

Tools applied during the recruitment process:

  • Deepened competence interview.
  • Language tests and interview in a foreign language.
  • Factual knowledge tests.
  • Assessment Centre.
  • The selection of recruitment tools shall be made by HR Specialists who pay a special attention to competences and knowledge that are vital for a given profile.

If you are a Student in, at least, 4th grade or a Higher School Graduate, you may apply for an internship. We organise our own internship as well as we hire persons for internships, who have been directed by the Job Office.

You may choose internship among the following areas:

  • Production
  • Product Development
  • Production Methods and Processes
  • Logistics
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • IT and HR

Send your application to titled INTERNSHIP!

Katarzyna Dudek  (a former intern, and now Marketing Department Manager):

"I remember my internship at AXTONE very positively. During that time, I could work for sales, trade and marketing departments and that is why I learned the principles of functioning regarding an international company. Participation in important tasks and projects allowed me to learn teamwork, conscientiousness and responsibility. What is more important, a person entering a professional path could rely on help and kindness of company employees who eagerly supported me by means of their experience and advice. At the end of the internship, I had gained lots of new and interesting experiences. Internship is mostly connected with doing tedious, non-creative and non-innovative work, which is not binding for AXTONE. Interns become an integral part of a team; they participate in projects along with experienced employees. As a result, some of the interns are offered a job, as it was in my case. Now, after more than 2 years, I am content that I can work in an international environment and friendly atmosphere."

Daniel Gaweł (a former apprentice, and now Machining Department Worker):

"Apprenticeship at AXTONE was a time for gaining professional experience. I was directed to the Machining Department. Thanks to performing tasks in that position, I could broaden and develop my skills. I could always count on help of other people. I learned punctuality and cooperation with other workers. Advice and hints constituted precious information, as I could fulfil my tasks more professionally. During the apprenticeship I performed many tasks which contributed to my professional development. I was trying to perform my duties diligently and reliably. The apprenticeship extended my capabilities of gaining any work. I was employed after finishing the apprenticeship."

HR Departament AXTONE S.A. ul. Zielona 2 37-220 Kańczuga Polska
Tel.: 0 16 649 24 03 Tel.: 0 16 649 25 04