Suspension Dampers

Our Research & Development department is totally committed to offering the best damper solutions for each unique rail transportation system. To serve the railway market in the best possible way, we have developed three damper product lines, each with their own unique features and benefits. 

Our Performance Line dampers offer excellent value for money and provide you the latest damper innovations for all bogie applications. These high quality products provide a maintenance free superb operation until the next planned major overhaul of the bogies. After this time, and depending on the configuration, the product can be replaced by a new damper, or be overhauled in a specialized workshop.

KONI Performance Damper Line

Our Endurance Line dampers are designed for at least 25 years of operation. These extremely robust products wear at a very slow rate and can easily be re-calibrated and re-conditioned to new conditions; giving the dampers an extended service life. The circulating oil principle guarantees unmatched symmetrical damping forces and provides for an excellent heat transfer between damper and surrounding air, allowing them to operate in the most extreme conditions.

KONI Performance Damper Line

Our Technology Line contains the high-tech dampers in which our innovative power is displayed. These tailor made products provide our customers with the extra control needed to bring their vehicle designs to the required high levels of comfort, safety and suitability. A few examples of these line are rotary dampers, friction snubbers and door actuator dampers, as well as our 05/06 series with optional patented FSD technology.

KONI Technology Damper Line